Healthcare Facilities

Sacred Heart Medical Center, Women's & Children's Centers

Sacred Heart Medical Center, Women's & Children's Centers

Mahlum Architects - Spokane, WA

Acoustical design of a new seven story West Wing for Women's Services and Surgery.

The building included a vibration-sensitive heart surgery pavilion built cantilever over a road, and a two story addition to the East Wing Children's Hospital.

Recommendations for interior finishes and noise and vibration control for the hospital mechanical systems, particularly those in the heart surgery pavilion which required unique vibration isolation schemes.

Harborview Bond Project Design & Const. (IEB & NJB)

NBBJ - Seattle, WA

The project consists of the Inpatient Expansion Building (IEB) and the new Ninth and Jefferson Building (NJB) across the street.

The design for IEB includes sound isolation of patient rooms and surgeries.

NJB includes sound isolation of labs, autopsy rooms, forensic gun fire, and the court and interview room.

Noise and vibration control of the mechanical systems serving the buildings was provided for both buildings.

Evergreen Neuroscience Institute

Evergreen Neuroscience Institute

SKB Architects - Kirkland, WA

Recommendations for shaping and surface finishes in lecture rooms, classrooms, and offices.

Recommendations for control of mechanical system background noise.

Design of the sound reinforcement system.

Project included laboratory fume exhaust system noise analysis.