Kerner-Scott House (1811 Eastlake)

Stickney Murphy Romine - Seattle, WA

Downtown Emergency Service Center (DESC):
Run by the non-profit organization, DESC, 1811 Eastlake provides housing for 75 previously homeless men and women with chronic alcohol addiction. The facility is located on a site near I-5. Exterior noise levels were monitored and evaluated to ensure that the design provided sufficient sound isolation for interior noise levels to be within the HUD requirements.

The project was highly successful and has been recognized by HUD for quality and effective integration across programs providing a "continuum of care" for these individuals.

"1811 Eastlake represents a new, effective and compassionate direction for helping the chronically homeless. It's called putting housing first. Providing housing for these individuals will benefit the community. It's effective, it makes financial sense and most importantly, it's the humane thing to do."
- Greg Nickels, Seattle Mayor

NewHolly, Othello Station (formerly Holly Park)

Solomon Architecture - Seattle, WA

HUD / Seattle Housing Authority (SHA):
The redevelopment of Holly Park was funded by public and private contributions and federal grants and became one of the first housing communities of its kind in the country, renamed NewHolly. The NewHolly Neighborhood Campus complements the housing community by providing essential community services. These include a learning center; a Seattle Public Library branch; classrooms for South Seattle Community College; Head Start; child care; youth, family, and teen programs; community-building activities and employment programs that help residents obtain and secure living-wage jobs. Greenbusch participated in the acoustical design of Othello Station, Phase III of the NewHolly Redevelopment. Othello Station is a mixed, diverse neighborhood with single-family homes, cottages, and townhomes, laced with parks and trails. The design was evaluated for compliance with HUD interior noise standards due to the proximity of the new Sound Transit light rail nearby.