Higher Education

Audio Video systems for educational institutions cover a huge range. At one end of the spectrum, there are simple, economical systems for multiple classrooms. There are also sophisticated theaters, widely distributed distance-learning systems and many more permutations in between.

UW Tacoma, William W. Philip Hall, LEED® Gold

UW Tacoma, William W. Philip Hall, LEED® Gold

Thomas Hacker Architects, Inc. - Tacoma, WA

Greenbusch provided audio-video design (and acoustical design) for the renovation and re-purposing of an historic building on the UW Tacoma campus to create a modern venue for lectures, concerts, banquets, student activities and community events.

The building includes a large gathering hall, accommodating groups of 300 - 500 or more for concerts, public lectures, banquets, student activities, community events and performances; collaboration break-out rooms; catering kitchen; administrative offices; mezzanine lobby; retail space; and storage rooms.

The facility also houses the Jane Thompson Russell Commons, a student commons area that provides a quiet place on campus for students to gather informally to study or meet in small groups with a banquet capacity of 100 and lecture capacity of 80.

These spaces were provided with Audio/Video presentation capabilities which can be used separately, or combined, and offer both automatic operation for non-technical users, and operation from an enclosed control room by technicians.

TESC Comm Building

TESC Communication Building Renovation

McGranahan Architects - Olympia, WA

This major renovation updates the technology in one of TESC's major teaching spaces. The 181 seat recital hall received a new projection system with full surround sound, as well as a new speaker cluster for music reinforcement. Four classrooms,the film screening room, and the audio recording facility got new video projection and sound systems. Some spaces received no architectural work so one challenge was to perform major technical upgrades with minimal damage to the existing building.

UW Savery Hall

UW Savery Hall

SRG Partnership - Seattle, WA

Renovation and restoration of the 85 year-old Savery Hall.

Approximately 14,600 SF of space is dedicated to classrooms featuring technology-enhanced learning.

Classrooms include four seminar rooms, nine small-size classrooms, five medium-size classrooms, an 80-seat auditorium, and a 200-seat auditorium.

South Puget Sound Community College Annex, Bldg. 23

South Puget Sound Community College Annex, Bldg. 23

SRG Partnership - Olympia, WA

Our designers provided projectors and switch control systems for classrooms which now house the Anthropology, CAD, and Geomatics departments.

The conference room includes video conference technology, allowing staff to easily conduct teleconferences with faculty at different campuses.

This project exemplifies how a college can outfit classrooms for today's technology needs while constrained by a tight budget.

UW Kane Hall

UW Kane Hall

MBT - Seattle, WA

Our designers utilized the hall's existing audio system for program only and designing a new system exclusively for voice reinforcement, allowing for optimization of coverage and intelligibility.

The system has been greatly improved by adding new amplification and digital signal processing.

A complete video switching system was designed to allow control from multiple positions to project any media.

The entire system is controlled by a combination of Greenbusch designed touch-screen systems in the booth and on the custom podium.

TESC Seminar II

TESC Seminar II

Mahlum Architects - Olympia, WA

This new building was compilation of five clusters of lecture halls, classrooms and working/meeting spaces.

Each of the five clusters was provided with similar features, allowing for flexible room assignments dictated by the technology needs of each class.

The building also includes extensive analog and digital AV distribution, over both copper and fiber optics, including distribution to and from other buildings.