Performance Space

12th Avenue Arts Black Box

12th Avenue Arts - Two Black Box Theaters

SMR Architects - Seattle, WA

A unique approach to creating community, the 12th Avenue Arts project will transform an abandoned parking lot into affordable housing, two theaters, retail, studio and meeting space. Greenbusch is providing the audio, video, paging and intercom systems for the two black box theaters.

The two theaters will be shared by three different theater companies, each with different needs and goals. To make the most of a constrained construction and equipment budget, the goal is to provide extensive, flexible infrastructure so systems may grow and evolve as needs and budgets change.

Jackson Center EvCC

Everett Community College - Jackson Center Conference Center

Stemper Architects - Seattle, WA

The major renovation of this conference center includes a large lecture/performance space and two smaller conference rooms. The main room includes a sound system capable of everything from rock 'n roll to panel discussions as well as full video projection.

To address overflow when the main room is too crowded, audio and video can be fed to another conference room. The video screen in the "overflow" room may be switched between what is currently being projected in the main room or the feed from a camera mounted at the main room's ceiling.

EvCC Fitness Center

Everett Community College Student Fitness and Health Center

SRG Architects - Seattle, WA

This new, two story, 49,000 SF student fitness and health center contains: a gymnasium with a mezzanine; a multipurpose room for martial arts, yoga, and dance; and a Fitness and Weight Room; as well as a Conference room and Offices. The Gymnasium will be used for games and practices, as well as movies, lectures and musical performances.

The sound and video systems throughout the space were designed to support these varied needs, yet still be simple to operate.

Edmonds Community College Black Box

Edmonds Community College Black Box Theater

DLR Group - Edmonds, WA

Extensive input/output jack panels and patching allow total flexibility for seating, stage layout, and AV device locations.

The system can handle high-level amplified musical performances, dramatic productions and surround-sound playback, as well as high-definition large-screen video. The systems are designed for full theatrical-style control by student operators, or automatic "plug and play" operation by non-technical users for simple events.

The facility also includes production intercom, monitoring, and lobby paging.


Thunder Mt. High School Auditorium and Gym

MRV Architects - Juneau, AK

The auditorium is equipped for full theatrical performances and surround sound for playing movies. In addition to sound and video systems, full intercom, paging and monitoring were implemented for use during performances along with state-of-the-art touchscreen features.

The gym is divisible and can be arranged in various forms; the sound system was designed to be easily configured for games, performances or other events.

Charles Wright Academy Black Box Theater

Charles Wright Academy Black Box Theater

BCRA - Tacoma, WA

This new performance/assembly space houses musical performances, drama productions, lectures, and assemblies with variable audience seating.

The theater included full audio and video patching for maximum flexibility. The lobby can also be used as an independent meeting/performance space.