Religious Facilities

St. Michael Catholic Parish

St. Michael Catholic Parish

Olympia, WA

The design goal for this parish was to increase overall intelligibility, accommodate the new program preserve the architecture of the room.

A line array was selected because it was both visually unobtrusive and the coverage pattern of the speaker is electronically steerable.

A dedicated digital network was installed to connect the various parts of the sound system.

This "virtual snake" allowed much more flexibility in the placement of connection points for these portable carts.

St Paul's Catholic Church

St Paul's Catholic Church

Jensen Yorba Lott - Juneau, AK

This new 250 seat sanctuary also serves as a multi-purpose space for a variety of functions from speech to a variety of amplified and unamplified performances music.

The seating-plan was designed "in the round", so typical approaches to church sound system design would be unsuitable.

It was decided to design four separate loudspeaker clusters, each directly over the four source locations of pulpit, altar, and choir areas.

For the priest and other non-technical users, fully automatic operation is "plug and play" by simply turning the system on.