PDX Terminal Balancing and Concourse E Extension

Hennebery Eddy Architects - Portland, OR

As a subconsultant to HEA: Greenbusch provided A/V Paging Systems design, Acoustics, Environmental Noise & Vibration & supporting a $175 million, 130,000 SF addition to the terminal. The 750 foot long extension of Concourse E adds seven (7) mainline passenger boarding gates and concessions, and includes the relocation of Southwest Airlines from Concourse C to the new areas of Concourse E extension. Services were provided over two-phases.

The paging system upgrades include A/V support for fire alarm interfacing to the new paging system and board rooms as well as paging systems throughout the expanded terminal and concessions areas.

Interior acoustics design includes recommendations for construction necessary to acoustically separate spaces including floor, wall and ceiling construction and glazing types; performance specifications for surface finishes to control noise and reverberation; recommendations for silencing of ductborne fan noise, control of noise generated by turbulent airflow, diffuser and grille noise and airborne equipment noise; recommendations to control crosstalk between spaces as well as for noise and vibration control of the rotating equipment (air handlers, chillers and pumps), piping systems and power transformers. Sound intrusion from aircraft operations was measured over the course of the project, and recommendations developed to control interior sound levels. The firm provided design support from pre-design/concept to construction.

Sound Transit U-Link U830

LTK - Seattle, WA

Greenbusch provided the design of paging systems for the UW and Capitol Hill light rail stations.

The systems for these very large spaces are supervised, redundant and DSP controlled. Our designers analyzed the related codes, taking into account crowd and train noise and reverberation, to ensure that paging and evacuation notifications can be heard above all else.

This model was presented to the Seattle Fire Department for their review.

Our designers also analyzed and provided recommendations for video displays for messaging, emergency messaging and advertising purposes.

New Doha International Airport

Faith Group LLC - Doha, Qatar

Currently designing audio/video systems for a new two-story, 16,150 SF Airline Operations Center and related spaces, which includes a board room and conference room and divisible conference rooms.

The systems include a 40 foot wide video wall, paging, video conferencing and sound reinforcement.

Sea-Tac Airport Central Terminal Expansion

Sea-Tac Airport Central Terminal Expansion

Barclay Dean - Seattle, WA

Greenbusch provided the audio design for the central court as well as design for the remodeled concourse paging and background music systems.

Requirements for the system included background music to common public areas, as well as zoned, prioritized paging functions.

Paging systems occupied different and sometimes challenging acoustical environments, requiring reliable, high-intelligibility to all patrons.

Fairbanks Railroad Terminal

Fairbanks Railroad Terminal

Charles Bettisworth & Co., Inc. - Fairbanks, AK

This historic train station was renovated but the sound system designed by others had serious intelligibility issues.

Our designers were able to reuse much of the existing equipment and still significantly improve intelligibility for minimal cost.

Fairbanks International Airport

Fairbanks International Airport

Charles Bettisworth & Co., Inc. - Fairbanks, AK

Greenbusch designed the paging system for this airport that included various challenging spaces.

Intelligibility of announcements and ease of use for airport staff were critical.

The microphones connected to a digital network using the cables in the building-wide network structure. This provided unprecedented flexibility in system modification and expansion as needs changed.