K-12 Education

F.A McDonald Elementary School

F.A. McDonald Elementary

F.E. Tompkins Architecture - Seattle, WA

Renovation of a 4-story, 66,000 SF school, for reopening in Fall of 2012. This building was originally opened in 1914.

The mechanical design included:

  • removal of the steam radiators and replacing them with new hot water radiators and condensing boiler
  • addition of a heat recovery system for the whole building
  • temperature controls
  • plumbing systems

Gatzert Elementary School

Gatzert Elementary School

F.E. Tompkins Architecture - Seattle, WA

A solar hot water panel array was added as part of an ongoing re-roof, to serve as supplemental heating for the existing heat and pump system. This makes the school more energy efficient.

Greenbusch's mechanical design included:

  • pumps and piping
  • panels
  • direct digital control (DDC) systems

Lakeview Montessori School

Lakeview Montessori

Miller/Hull Partnership - Kirkland, WA

Mechanical designs for renovations of this preschool and daycare facility.

Bertschi School Remodel

Johnson Southerland - Seattle, WA

Tenant Improvement of an existing space in building, into classroom, daycare, and theatre areas.

Mechanical designs for renovations in the Library, School House Lower and Main Levels, and the Drama Toilet room, including HVAC, plumbing and duct re-routing.