WSDOT North Vent Bldg Drone

SR-99 Ventilation Buildings

WSDOT - Seattle, WA

Provided the design/build performance specification of the north and south ventilation buildings for the upcoming SR-99 tunnel replacement of the viaduct.

Design includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sprinkler and plumbing for the buildings. Greenbusch also provide vertical transportation and acoustical services for the project.


On-call Mechanical/Electrical Engineering services

WSDOT - Seattle, WA and surrounding areas

Greenbusch has participated in four separate On-Call contracts with WSDOT over the past eighteen years.

Our engineers have provided mechanical designs for elevators, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, plumbing, and vehicle wash systems for various facilities.

Scope includes analyzing heating and air conditioning loads for facilities and providing calculations to support equipment sizing and selections.