Greenbush provides engineering services for higher education, community & technical colleges and K-12. Projects include:

University of Washington HUB

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

UW HUB Elevator Renovations

Greenbusch provided elevator and acoustical services for the renovation of the Husky Union Building (HUB). The project included work on six of the seven geared-traction elevators, four replacements and two modernizations. The elevators include three passenger only, one freight-only, and two dual-purpose, with each serving between 3- and 6-stops. The firm provided Elevator Assessment & Design; Bid Assistance; Construction Administration Services throughout this project.

The Evergreen State College

The Evergreen State College

Olympia, WA

Lab I, Lab II & CAB

Renovation of four elevators, requiring creative cooling solutions on strict budget and energy requirements. Our engineers purchased new elevator control cabinets with ducted outside air ventilation to keep control electronics cool.

Evans Library

This building was already undergoing a major renovation, requiring coordination with the designers of systems to insure compatibility the three renovated elevators.

Seminar I

Renovation of the existing 4-stop traction elevator, which included replacement of nearly all elevator systems except the car itself.

Western Washington University

Western Washington University

Bellingham, WA

College Hall Elevator

Design for hole-less hydraulic elevator for this historic building. The exterior could not be modified visually unless approved by the WWU Architectural Committee. The challenge extended to the attic space, which didn't have enough room to allow a conventional elevator to fit without modifying the roof. Greenbusch was able to resolve this issue by using a Kone Ecospace elevator, which requires less space above the top floor for overrun clearance.

UW Clark Hall

University of Washington

Seattle, WA

For years Greenbusch has provided engineering services to the UW, completing such diverse projects as:

UW Clark Hall:

the design for the replacement of a 4-stop, hydraulic passenger elevator in this existing historic building on the UW Campus.

UW Schmitz Hall

Schmitz Hall:

Two heavily used traction elevators, 7-stops with basement-set hoist machines.

Thomson Hall Elevator #25:

Elevator and mechanical engineering services for this full modernization included replacing controls, hoist machine car, and auxiliary fittings.

Rainier School

Buckley, WA

This project included renovation of an existing and original 1982 hydraulic elevator. The elevator work contained all of the standard elements of a remodel: new power unit, new controls, new car operator station, new split system air conditioner for the machine room and new finishes.