Over the past seventeen years, Greenbusch has participated in four separate on-call contracts with the Washington State Department of Transportation, WSDOT.



State of Washington

NW Region Headquarters Buildings

Four passenger elevators and a service elevator, all 6-stop, geared traction machines. Special attention was given to seismic improvements to keep these important buildings functional after an earthquake.

SW Region Headquarters

Two passenger elevators and one with freight capability, all 3-stop, geared traction machines. Modernization of these elevators required alterations to the existing fire protection and cooling systems and improvements to hoistway ventilation.

I-405 Canyon Park Freeway Station Elevator

Design for a hydraulic elevator for the pedestrian bridge of this freeway station.

Eagle Harbor

Design for a 2-stop hydraulic elevator.


Intermodal, Phase 2

Design for a hydraulic elevator for the pedestrian bridge of this freeway station.provided a design-build specification for a future elevated walkway. The elevator is a two stop, in-ground hydraulic with a glass hoistway and as much glass in the elevator car as code will allow. In addition to the elevator performance specification, we provided them with a mechanical performance specification for the machine room cooling system.

US Forest Service

Wenatchee Forestry Sciences Laboratory - Wenatchee, WA

Greenbusch is providing accessibility modifications including renovation of the elevator and modifications to ventilation, piping and plumbing for the facility's restrooms.