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Kamin Building

The Kamin Building is a new construction, four-story 28,000 SF office building with parking garage, ground level restaurant and offices above.

Greenbusch Mechanical provided design and consulting services through all phases: schematic design, design development, and permit documents for the shell and core of the entire building as well as the TI of the first floor restaurant. Scope elements include:

  • HVAC Systems: perform heating/cooling load and ventilation calculations to determine the capacity for mechanical equipment; select and schedule mechanical equipment; lay out equipment, ductwork, diffusers, and controls
  • Plumbing: domestic water piping systems and fixtures, sanitary/vent (including oil/water separation and kitchen grease trap/grease waste), rainwater and natural gas piping
  • Fire Sprinkler System: riser and routing of major piping


Mechanical Engineering


Seattle, WA


28,000 SF


Kamin Built

Delivery Method

Developer Managed, Negotiated Bid

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