Environmental Noise & Vibration

Assessing the impact of noise

Environmental noise and vibration impacts can affect structures, building occupants, wildlife, and our communities. Our team measures and evaluates sources outside of the built environment, providing monitoring and mitigation recommendations and permitting support. Greenbusch is at the forefront of supporting owners and projects for airborne and in-water consulting services (Hydroacoustics), including the design and construction of new and renovated improvements such as tunnels, roadways, bridges, transit, water/wastewater facilities, pump stations, transfer stations, airports, terminals, data centers, and other industrial and large-scale infrastructure projects. Our team builds and maintains an inventory of specialized equipment to provide monitoring services on demand. With decades of experience, our highly qualified staff have been involved in multi-jurisdictional projects throughout the Pacific Northwest Region, and across the US.

Justin Elliott Bay Seawall 04 1 24 2018


  • Noise and vibration measurement and monitoring, including baseline surveys, on-site monitoring and analysis of vibration, and airborne/underwater noise
  • Environmental noise control and analysis using 3-D computer modeling of transportation and industrial noise, and providing recommendations for mitigation
  • Permitting support – providing noise impact evaluations, alternatives and mitigation options, and author Noise Sections for SEPA/NEPA reports, Noise and Vibration Discipline Reports, and Methodology Memorandums (FTA/WSDOT Noise Policy)
  • Community and stakeholder outreach support, discussing outcomes of noise studies and reports, and translating technical concepts to graphics and understandable dialogue
  • Noise Code Development – assistance with reviewing and developing code for jurisdictions, peer review, and expert witness testimony
  • Hydroacoustic services, including underwater noise monitoring plans, noise monitoring during construction, background sound level measurement, testing the effectiveness of noise mitigation measures, and sound source verification measurements

Adam C. Jenkins, PE, INCE Bd. Cert., CTS-D

Vice President – Acoustics / Audio-Video