Vertical Transportation

Moving people and things, safely

Greenbusch provides planning, design, construction administration, and commissioning services related to the installation of new and/or refurbished vertical transportation conveyances including elevators, escalators, materials lifts, and ADA lifts.

We work as members of architectural/engineering design teams, collaborate with contractors in the design-build process, or consult directly for owners on new, existing, and historic buildings.

University of Washington Life Sciences Building Elevators_01


  • Planning services include traffic analysis, capacity studies, programming, scope development, preliminary cost modeling, systems interdependency review, and scheduling
  • Operational services, providing existing condition assessments, survey assessments of performance issues including life-cycle cost analysis, replacement cost studies, developing maintenance and performance benchmarks, and energy reduction strategies
  • Vertical transportation design and complete contract documentation of vertical transportation systems
  • Construction administration bid assistance and representation during construction by a design professional, ensuring the quality and intent of the design is preserved during construction
  • Elevator Commissioning Verify car traveling speed, door operating time optimization and other elements not specifically addressed by a code inspection