Healthcare Facilities

Western State Hospital Forensic Wards Renovation (E-3 & E-4), Building 29 (LEEDŽ Silver)

Lakewood, WA

The Building 29 forensic wards located on the WSH campus are aged, with systems that range from acceptable, to needing replacement. These spaces on two floors consist of: patient, interview, exam, group, therapy, dining, and activity rooms; and will be demolished/renovated, while preserving building systems that can be reused. The project recently bid (June 2019). Greenbusch supported the design team/owner providing:

  • Engineering predesign study (inclusive of Buildings 28 & 29) to determine programmatic mechanical design objectives, prepare scope of work, and provide cost estimates, inclusive of ancillary power, utility and mechanical upgrade requirements, to LEED Silver standards.
  • Prioritization of improvements, final design for Building 29 E-3 & E-4.
  • Value engineering predesign services respective to the mechanical systems and systems operation and performance for Building 29 E-3 & E-4.
  • Acoustic recommendations Building 29 E-3 & E-4: 1) For construction necessary to provide adequate sound isolation throughout various rooms; 2) To control crosstalk between spaces; 3) Performance specification for durable surface finishes to control noise and reverberation throughout; and 4) Recommendations for silencing of duct born fan noise and control of noise generated by Mechanical systems within the building.
  • Greenbusch has provided design for multiple projects for WSH and other DSHS owned facilities over twenty-five years. Greenbusch also provided other services to WSH including Acoustical Engineering, Vertical Transportation (for other WSH campus buildings), Value Engineering, Condition Assessments, Predesign, Design, and CA Support.

Northwest Hospital

Northwest Hospital

Hardin & Sons, Inc. and Collins Woerman - Seattle, WA

Greenbusch has provided engineering services for several projects at the Northwest Hospital.

Projects include surgery and maternity renovations, MRI replacements, Gamma Knife and LINAC additions, incinerator replacement, and cardiac cath and geriatric psychiatry suites.