Ensuring that systems are operating as planned

Commissioning is a collaborative, quality-focused process that aims to confirm your building services systems are operating successfully. Our commissioning agents are experienced engineers certified to make sure your building meets the highest standards. Greenbusch offers full commissioning services, including Commissioning Agent (CxA) and testing, CxA with 2nd party test agent, test agent only, and authorizing Cx specifications and Cx performed by other authorities, such as contractors or engineers. We often provide commissioning services for government and civic buildings, higher education and K-12 schools, offices, commercial and tenant improvements, laboratory and medical facilities, industrial facilities, and correctional facilities.

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  • Pre-design and design intent development, providing a quality control process to establish and prioritize project specific key success criteria
  • Design review, including early quality control feedback
  • Commissioning Plans that incorporate project specific overviews for construction verification, documentation, and the functional testing process
  • Installation verification and functional testing to verify that the constructed system meets the project design intent
  • Acceptance testing and final reports that verify the completed systems operate properly and meet the Owner's project requirements.
  • LEED – "Fundamental" and "Enhanced" Cx Services for projects seeking LEED Certification