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Seattle Police Department West Precinct Chiller Replacement

A comprehensive Chiller System replacement was necessary for this active, essential services facility. Existing systems were aged well beyond serviceable condition and heating/conditioning is critical to serve the operations' demands and provide a comfort level to users.

Greenbusch Mechanical as a subconsultant, provided a range of services including: Planning Study/Pre-design, HVAC Inventory/Survey, Energy Analysis, Alternatives/Cost Study, Systems Fit and Phasing Approach, Final Design and CA.

The Phasing Approach provided automation of the changeover of the failed equipment which eased the need for extensive maintenance staff involvement. There was no service interruption to occupants throughout the upgrade and replacement, a remarkable accomplishment attributable to coordinated efforts by the design team, contractor, owner and facility management.


Mechanical Engineering
Acoustical Design
Noise & Vibration Consulting


Seattle, WA


Western Ventures Construction

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