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With the closure of the Alaskan Way Viaduct, the City of Seattle is embarking on a major capital improvement program upgrading the Waterfront corridor. Improvements include new public amenities, walkable pedestrian-oriented promenade, bike path, park and open spaces, rebuilding Pier 58 and Pier 62, new and revised roadways for ferry access and to better link the waterfront with other city districts.

Spanning 2012 to the present, as the project advances through the construction phase, Greenbusch as a subconsultant, has performed a range of engineering design services including:
- Noise & Vibration Consulting (Baseline noise measurement; Computer noise models to predict sound levels associated with construction; Developed noise mitigation measures; Prepared Noise Management and Mitigation Plans)
- Hydroacoustic Plan and Monitoring for rebuilding of Piers 58 and 62
- Mechanical Engineering Design for Amenities including Public Family Restrooms
- Vertical Transportation Consulting (Elevators for Garage/Public facilities)

The project is targeting completion in 2024.


Noise & Vibration Consulting,
Vertical Transportation Consulting,
Mechancial Engineering


Seattle, WA


$728 million


Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

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